Wine Glass Story

Wine Glass Story

Wine Glass Story in

Choosing your wine glass is so important as it can affect the taste experience of drinking wine. Pablo Neruda a Chilean love poet kept many glasses of different colors at his beach house in Isla Negra, some 45km south of Valparaiso in Chile, believing their color impacted the taste of wine. Numerous research projects about the psychology of shape & color in drinking glasses have been carried out in the past with varying degrees of definitive conclusions.

Zahara did its own research and hosted 2 parties (serving identical wines)with the same 30 guests, one with standard drinking glasses and one with our range of glasses. The second party using our range of glasses was vastly different as all our guests were commenting how much better the wine tasted and how much more fun they had than the previous party with standard glasses.
Furthermore,the unique nature and distinctive beauty of each glass became a point of interest in their conversations and also eliminated any confusion as to which glass guests were drinking from.

We were inspired by this response and began adding to our range of glasses from our travels to various parts of the world and this is what inspired us to share our experience and market our glassware to the world.

Zahara Homeware was born.

We invite everyone to have some fun and add some quality to your next drinking glass experience….

We are of the view you will be so glad you did.

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